Canada is filled with gorgeous scenery from east to west. All across the country magnificent tourist attractions exist. From buildings to Mother Nature’s amazing creations there is always something to see in every town and city in Canada. Coming from north Ontario I have had the pleasure to experience some of Canada’s wonderful landmarks. The tourist attraction in my hometown of Espanola is not necessarily just one thing. Being Miss Teen Espanola World 2013, I have had the privilege to discover many of Espanola’s tourist attractions.

During the summer, this tourist attraction brings in thousands even millions of people through our town. This attraction is not in the town of Espanola but Espanola is the gateway town to this place. Our tourist attraction that is past our town is Manitoulin Island. Manitoulin Island is one of the world’s gorgeous creations. Manitoulin Island is only attainable, if taking a vehicle, by going through Espanola. This brings an enormous amount of tourist to Espanola.

A little about Manitoulin Island; it is the largest island in fresh water across the world. The island is situated in Lake Huron, one of Canada’s five great lakes. The island is accessible by driving across a swing bridge, which is now a part of the Ontario Heritage site. This island has the privilege to say it is the home of the biggest lake within an island; it is also the home of the biggest island in lake within an island in the entire world. Most people in Canada do not realize what type of spectacular creations the world has given us in our country.  Manitoulin Island is one of many Canadian treasures.






Espanola is not only the gateway town to an amazing island, but it also has many other tourist attractions to offer. Espanola as a spectacular golf course, a beautiful recreational complex (with a pool, gym and ice rink all in one), a baseball and soccer field always filled with people enjoying themselves, an outside volleyball court, gorgeous lakes, amazing hiking trails, and many more attractions. Espanola is a town with a lot to offer. I believe Espanola if definitely a place to come visit. It is a great place to enjoy your summer and is a trip the whole family would enjoy.

Thanks to this blog assignment, I have realized how much my town has to offer. Therefore, I would like to thank the sponsors of this blog assignment, thank you Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada World 2nd blog challenge.

Thank you and please come visit Espanola,

Miss Teen Espanola World 2013 – Josée Poulin

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