What a journey it’s been! The first day of Miss Teen Canada-World has finally arrived. The moment that all of the delegates have been waiting for is here! I have worked so hard these past few weeks preparing for the pageant and it has all been worth it. This journey has been great and I can’t wait to see how it will end. Being a part of this amazing pageant is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I feel truly blessed to be apart of it. From my first pageant to this pageant I have learnt many new things and have grown as a person. I have had the privilege to discover myself more deeply and have learnt numerous skill that will help me along my future.

My first pageant, Miss North Ontario Regional Canada pageant, was one of the best moments of my life. It was there where I discovered my passion for everything pageant related. Preparing for my first pageant was eye opening. I had to learn how to approach businesses and ask for sponsorships (something I had never done before). I learnt how to organize a huge fundraiser. I organized a pancake breakfast fundraiser for North Ontario Families of Children with Cancer. Organizing this fundraiser was challenging at times
(being the first major event I had to organize) but everything went smoothly, thanks to everyones help. The joy that I felt after being able to raise money for such a great charity was overwhelming. It was definitely the highlight of doing a pageant. I also had the opportunity to became more involved with my community than I had been prior to my first pageant. Spending my spare time volunteer was extremely rewarding to me. I discovered how much I loved playing an active part in my community by giving back and helping out in anyway possible. Also, I was able to be in the local newspaper; I had felt a sense of pride and joy to be recognized within the community. Once I arrived at the pageant there were many self development workshops. This gave me the opportunity to learn and discover new things about myself. It was at this pageant (my first one), Miss North Ontario Regional Canada pageant, where I was selected to participate at the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 pageant. I was chosen to be part of a national pageant, wow what a great feeling!

Getting ready for Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 was a busy time. I was selected early May to participate but only got all my information by the end of May. May 31st, I attended my first event as Miss Teen Espanola World 2013; it was a fundraiser for Emily Rose Richer. Emily is a little girl with many medical difficulties. June 1st, I attend the Espanola Duathlon. It was great to see such a nice participation in such a active event. June 14th, I attend Espanola’s Relay for Life. The Relay for Life was an amazing event with a lot of support by the community. I was able to meet many cancer survivors which was great! I organized a Zumba fundraiser for Free the Children, this event took place June 19. It took a lot of work setting it up and thankfully there was a great turnout. Thanks to the wonderful help of my mom this fundraiser was able to take place and run smoothly. June 21st, 22nd and 23rd, I organize another fundraiser for Free the Children. This was a BBQ fundraiser, which turned out nicely. The weather was nice which allowed a good turnout and many people’s support. My family and friend were a huge part of this fundraiser, they really supported me and helped me make the fundraiser possible. July 1st, was the last day I attended events. I went to three different events in the one time, therefor I had to manage my time very well. I attended an Annual Strawberry Social, a Elks picnic, and a Firemen Boot Drive. As you can see, with my title I was able to attend many events and hold multiple fundraiser within my community of Espanola. While attending and organizing event, I was also busy doing pageant preparations. I was kept busy with writing my blogs and filling out/submitting many forms on time. I also have been busy with talk to the local media and doing interviews with them. During the whole time I was getting ready for the pageant I have went to school and have been able to maintain my grades. I travel by bus for 2 hours in the morning then 2 hours at night for highschool. I attend an all french highschool and maintain great grades. Graduating elementary school, I was rewarded the overall highest academics award; since then I have maintain a high average in highschool, with my average being over 85%. At the end of June, I had to study for and write 8 exams; this was stressfull at times with everything going on in my life. I have also been able to keep a part time job. Through all of this I am sure you are all getting a feel for what type of person I am. I love to play an active role within my community as well as fundraising for charities. I am very active (I enjoy working out) and somewhat artistic (I love playing the piano). I am determined, good at time management and handle stress very well. These are all qualities I feel are important to see in the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013.

The day has finally come. The first day of Miss Teen Canada-World has come and has gone. All the hard work and preparations have all been for this very moment. It seem a little surreal to think about the great experience I am presently living out and knowing it is something I will look back on and have great memories. Today I arrived at the hotel with all my luggage (which was a lot) and had the privilege to meet gorgeous girls from across Canada. I was roomed with a girl from Manitoba which was nice considering I am from Ontario and I am getting to know someone from another province. We started off with registrations and handing in all the needed information, I was a little nervous to forget something (but I didnt:) ). Then we, the national finalist, had a welcome party; we were greeted by the various sponsors of the pageant and the official charity of the pageant, Free the Children. I got the chance to meet and talk to more finalist and really got to know many of them and learn a little about there community. I was able to meet the pageant director, Michelle Weswaldi, and the Miss Teen Canada-World 2012, Megha Sandhu. After the welcome party we were giving more information the sent to our room for supper. Today was a fun filled packed day!

I can’t wait for tomorrow,day 2 of the pageant. We have our photo shoot, video shoot and interview all happening tomorrow. I am just so excited. I can’t wait to introduce my platform to the judges. My platform is to promote the importance of an education. I would like to talk to the canadian youth and tell the to continue there hard efforts in school and to strive for the best. I would hope to encourage them to continue to pursue there education with post secondary education. Anyways, I am very excited to see what tomorrow brings and I am sure it will be loads of fun. I hope to write a blog most every night to keep everyone updated.

Until next time:)

Josee Poulin -Miss Teen Espanola World 2013

Written by: Josee Poulin
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