What is a green building?

In today’s society many people are looking to become environmentally friendly.  All across the world we are trying to help the environment. In Canada, we have various programs to help ensure the country is becoming more and more green. There are acts and regulations to protect the environment against harm. Protecting the environment includes protecting the air quality, the water quality, the wildlife and the nature. The term being green means to reduce, minimize or have no negative effect on the ecosystem and/or the environment.

Green buildings search to reduce and help against damage the building might have cost the environment.  As Miss Teen Espanola-World 2013, I was asked to find an environmentally friendly building in my area. This task was sponsored by Tiocoat flat roof solutions, this company makes a white roof or rubber roof coating that is guaranteed for the life of the building. As I was looking for a green building I realized how many buildings there were in the area and that many had various ways of being green. I decided to tell you about one of many green buildings in my area. This building is the Domtar building located in Espanola.

Domtar is local paper and pulp mill. Considering it is a mill, most people would think it only damages the environment but this mill is trying to be as green as it possibly can be.  Domtar has gotten energy efficient equipment. This equipment has improved the air quality and required less energy. This has helped conserve energy and reduce waste. Domtar continues to search for more ways to become greener. New technology is always coming out on how to be more environmentally friendlier and Domtar is always trying to do their best. Chips are used in the pulp process, while bark and fines are used as fuel for boilers to reduce fossil fuel requirement. Every little thing counts when trying to help reduce pollution and waste.

They have a dam which provides them with a natural source of obtaining energy. They use the river’s current to help them be more energy efficient. The dam is also known to be a designated fish sanctuary. As you can tell this mill is absolutely trying their best to be green. I believe it is doing a great job being a green building.

I hope this has helped you realize there are many green building within your community you just have to look for them. Some buildings won’t be obvious but the more research you do, the easier it will be to find them.   Take the time to think about green building and what you can do to be environmentally friendly.

Thank you and talk to you soon,

Josee Poulin- Miss Teen Espanola-World 2013

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Hi! What a great opportunity it is to be participating in the Miss Teen Canada-World Pageant 2013! I am so excited and honored to have the title of Miss Teen Espanola-World 2013 and to be one of many representing Ontario in this amazing pageant. Here is a little about myself. I am born and raised in the wonderful town of Espanola. As a child I enjoyed acting in our local theater productions and I have always had a passion for being on stage. I have played piano for most of my life and to this day I still love it. I went to a french elementary school and I am currently attending a french high school. Yes I am bilingual! I speak fluently both of Canada’s official languages, English and French.
I love volunteering in my community, going to events and doing lots of charity work. I live a very busy life; from going to school, having a part time job, doing things within my community and living a healthy lifestyle, I do not have much time for anything else. I am living my life to the fullest and having a great time doing it! I have a very close relationship with my family; they mean the world to me and they are my biggest supporters. My goal in life is to make a difference. If I am able to change something and it affects one person’s or many people’s life positively my goal will be accomplished.

Until next time:)

-Josee Poulin

Written by: Josee Poulin
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