What is a personalized golf towel? How would you do a commercial for them? If you were giving a $250K budget to shoot a 30 second commercial, what would you do? These were all questions giving to the delegates in the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 pageant by one of the sponsors, Signature towels. Signature towel’s provides people with the opportunity to obtain embroidered towels customized to themselves. As Miss Teen Espanola World 2013, I have decided to pitch the sponsors a commercial on their personalized golf towel.

When pitching a commercial to a company you need to be prepared. Part of being prepared means you need to have more than one commercial idea. Most companies love to have options so they can choose what commercial best suits their needs. They enjoy having a choice between great ideas so they know they are picking the best. Therefore I will be preparing two commercial ideas. Both will have the same message, target market and budget distribution. The differences will be seen by the scenarios that will be played out in the commercial.

Both of the commercial will have a message that would demonstrate the personalized golf towel as more than just a towel but a memory as well. I would have a target market to young adults and to more mature adults who are active and enjoy the sport of golf. I would hire low cost actors to save on my budget. I would also rent a house for a day, along with equipment for shooting the commercial. I would have many outdoor scenes to cut down on cost. The rest of the budget would be spent on props (such as golf clubs, golf carts and some furniture in the house) and costumes/makeup/hair for the actors. I would hope to be time efficient with my shooting and keep all my spending within the budget.

The first commercial will start by taking place in a nice summer home. The house would be nicely decorated. It will have only two actors (one female and the other male). The female actor would portray the wife and the male actor would portray the husband. The wife would well out to her husband not to forget the personalized golf towels as she is packing the vehicle with golf clubs. The husband, who had just stepped out of the door, will go back into the house. He will run upstairs in search for the personalized golf towel and find it in a closet. As he grabs the towel he will take a pause. He will reflect on the great memories he has golfing which included the towel. The commercial will do a flash back and the setting will now be on a nice green golf course with a river running along the side. The husband will be picking up the towel from the clubs and wiping himself off. He will then make an amazing swing along with many more amazing golf swings. He will be shown laughing and have a great time with his friend at the golf course. He will be having the time of his life and playing the best golf game he has ever played. The commercial will go back to the house setting and the flashback will be over.  The male will start running down the stairs to the car with both towels in his hand (his towel along with his wife’s towel). As he comes out the door he will say “I got them!” and will help his wife finish packing up the vehicle. The logo of the company (Signature Towel) will come out and a voice will come over and say “Not just a personalized golf towel but a memory”.

The second commercial will start off the kitchen area of the house. There will once again be two actors, one female and one male. Both of the actors will be at the table eating their breakfast. They will be enjoying their meal and looking out at the beautiful scenery. The scenery will of course be a golf course. Both actors while glance to the corner of the room where a golf bag filled with golf clubs will be place. On top of the golf club the personalized golf towels will be displayed. The male actor (the husband) will look over at the female actress (the wife) and ask her if she would like to go golfing. She responds with a smile and there they go to the golf course. They play a wonderful game of golf (fast forward/fast shots) with the personalized golf towels by their sides the entire day. There will be a few clips of both the actors using the towels. The entire golf day while be shown to the audience as the couple have a wonderful time filled with smiles. They are creating a great memory in that moment with the towel there every step of the moment. They will return back with a picture. Once at the house, they will set the picture down on a table. The camera will then focus in on the picture. You will see a gorgeous couple smiling along with the personalized golf towel in their hands. At the end of the commercial, the company logo (Signature Towel) will come out and a voice will come over and say “Not just a personalized golf towel but a memory”.

Both commercials would last 30 seconds and stay within the budget. I would also shoot all the scenes in Espanola since it is my home town and I am Miss Teen Espanola World 2013. We have a great golf course with a beautiful river just below. Along the golf course there are many gorgeous houses and this is what I was imagining throughout the process of making these commercials. I would hope both commercials would be received very well by the company and in the end they would choose one of the ideas that they feel is best suited towards their needs.

I hope you all enjoyed my commercial ideas 🙂

-Josee Poulin (Miss Teen Espanola World 2013)

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